50 Years of Happiness Errata

As one would expect with a book laden with so many facts and figures, the first edition of 50 Years of Happiness: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz had its share of typos and flat-out mistakes. The good news is that most of these have been corrected as each new edition has been published; the bad news is that you sharp-eyed fans keep spotting a few new ones! (It's enough to make a conscientious author tear out his hair...)

Sometimes, thankfully, the necessary changes aren't my fault, as when the contact information for Project Linus changed. Additionally, many of the changes made between the first and second printings reflected Charles Schulz's death; he still was with us when the book initially was completed, so numerous references existed to "ongoing" events, such as Schulz's frequent appearances at the annual Peanuts Christmas Ice Show at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena, or occasional references to ongoing (or even anticipated) behavior by characters. I went back and re-phrased many such references, but since these aren't really factual errors, such grammatical improvements won't be noted here.

Mistakes and typos are different. In the interests of absolute accuracy -- knowing that this book is used as a reference of authority -- of course I want it to be as precise as possible. In that spirit, then, the following document is intended to address and correct any and all errors as they're called to my attention. Depending on which edition of the book you own, clip the top third, top two-thirds, or all of what follows, and slide the page(s) into the back of your book.

And yes, when it comes time for a fourth edition, rest assured that I'll clean up everything else ... and pray that (fingers crossed!) we've finally nailed 'em all!

If you own the Charles M. Schulz Museum edition (printed March 2002)...

...then the following corrections apply:

If you own the second Peanuts Collector Club edition (printed September 2000)...

...then, in addition to the corrections above, the following corrections also apply:

If you own the first Peanuts Collector Club edition (printed April 2000)...

...then, in addition to all the corrections above, the following corrections also apply:

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