A Special Limited Edition Snoopy Bronze
Limited to only 500 numbered sculptures!

Is this too cute for words, or what?

"Retired," named in honor of Charles M. Schulz's retirement, is a bronze sculpture, with granite base, that weighs almost 25 pounds. The base measures 7 inch by 11 inches, and the sculpture is about 7 inches tall. What makes it extra special is that Charles Schulz actually signed his name into the back of the chair. This is the only thing beside his own work and books that Schulz has ever signed like this.

Stan is making these in a very limited edition. You must see and hold one to really appreciate it! The price is $3,000 plus shipping and taxes.

Notice the intricate detail of the twelve Peanuts characters incised into the Indian-style rug that borders the figure of Snoopy, as he rests in his overstuffed chair above.

Stan also designed the gorgeous presentation box, made in a satin black, leather-type material, that houses the sculpture. It depicts the Peanuts characters in gold. The signature -- Charles M. Schulz -- and the poses are hot gold stamped and also embossed. Finally, the sculpture will come with a certificate of authenticity.

The certificate, printed in full color, shows Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus. It's a very special certificate, which includes a personal note to Charles Schulz from Stan. It's also the only time, in 25 years of making products of many cartoon characters, that Stan has signed a certificate using his own name.