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My Peanuts web pages:

The Peanuts Animation and Video Page - a comprehensive guide to the all the Peanuts television specials and films, with detailed information for each show, plus sections covering the latest news, video/DVD releases, current broadcast schedules, history of the shows, the music, and more.

Peanuts TV Show Checklist - A shorter list with just the titles of all the television shows, so you can check them off and see if you've got them all.

Guide to Peanuts Reprint Collections - This document tried to make sense of the various series of Peanuts comics strip collections, and the ways in which they have been reprinted. I haven't kept it up to date, because others have done a better job (see below). It's also not a complete bibliography, but it may be useful if you're trying to figure out what you need to get a complete collection of the older strip collections. (These days, of course, to get a complete Peanuts strip collection, all you need to do is go buy all the volumes of Fantagraphic's "Complete Peanuts" series.)

My Peanuts related photos:

Charles Schulz Museum Grand Opening Photos - The Charles M. Schulz Museum opened on the weekend of August 16-18, 2002; I was there and have photos from the events and inside the Musuem.

Snoopy Stamp Unveiling Ceremony Photos - On May 17, 2001 the United States Postal Office held a ceremony in Santa Rosa, CA to unveil the new Snoopy stamp. I was fortunately in California for business at the same time.

Hallmark Crown Center Christmas 2000 Decorations - The Hallmark Crown Center's (in Kansas City, Missouri) 2000 Christmas decorations were in the theme of Snoopy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Peanuts and Hallmark's long relationship with Charles Schulz.

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