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Your resource for information, trivia, and history about the world of Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts has lots of different sections, including information on Peanuts books, music, and TV shows, upcoming events, current news, where to buy Peanuts stuff, and much more. We'd like you to explore and have fun with the entire site, but this introductory page will quickly take you to specific sections!

Your hosts are Derrick Bang and Scott McGuire, dedicated Peanuts fans who have been researching and working on various Peanuts projects for... well, let's just say quite a while.

Derrick Bang's Guide to Peanuts

In Derrick's part of the website, you'll find pages covering various aspects of Peanuts comic strip trivia and history, the music of Peanuts, current events, a newspaper clipping archive, and important and fun Peanuts links.

Scott's Peanuts Animation and Reprint Page

In Scott's part of the website, you'll find comprehensive information about all the Peanuts television specials and films, a handy Charlie Brown TV checklist, and a guide to some of the older Peanuts reprint collections.

Some our highlighted pages:

The FiveCentsPlease Blog
Visit or subscribe to the FiveCentsPlease blog to keep up with events in the Peanuts world: animated TV special broadcasts, DVD and CD releases, book news, interesting articles and pretty much anything that strikes our eclectic fancy. (This IS a blog, after all!) We hope Peanuts fans will want to check in on a regular basis.

The Peanuts FAQ
If you have arcane questions regarding Peanuts lore (such as the name of Charlie Brown's school teacher), consult the FAQ.

The Peanuts Animation and Video Page
Detailed information for each Peanuts special, plus news, info about video/DVD releases, broadcast schedules, history of the shows, the music, and more.

Vince Guaraldi
Trying to learn the name of that great Peanuts theme music? It's "Linus and Lucy," by Vince Guaraldi. Find out more about this composer, and all of his great Peanuts music. Also see Derrick's Impressions of Vince blog.

Interview with David Michaelis
Learn how the author of the Charles M. Schulz biography, Schulz and Peanuts, came to write the book.

Derrick's Books
Starting with 2000's 50 Years of Happiness: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz, Derrick has written or been involved with several Peanuts-themed books.

Looking to connect with other Peanuts fans? Visit the Peanuts Collector Club, the long-standing official Peanuts fan club!

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