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More than anything else, we get e-mail from folks wanting us to send them images of Charlie Brown, or Snoopy, or Lucy at her psychiatrist's booth, or Schroeder at his piano. Some people ask nicely. Others do not.

Our answer, regardless of the manner in which the question is phrased, is always the same:

We can't.

We're not allowed to. Peanuts Worldwide, which owns the copyright to all Peanuts art, strictly forbids us -- or anybody else -- from sharing or sending licensed art of Charles Schulz's characters in any way, shape or form.

The sole exceptions are the graphics that Peanuts Worldwide provides, at their website. also address the use of copyrighted graphics here, and they can be reached at

Please do not shoot us as the messenger here. We do not make the rules, but we are obliged to follow them...just as you are.

We're one of very few fan sites granted permission to use Schulz's work, as a result of our ongoing relationship with the Peanuts Collector Club, which secured this contractual right as a result of PCC founder Andrea Podley's very hard effort. We regard this permission as a sacred trust, which means we rigorously honor all copyright issues relating to Peanuts artwork.

Please understand:

Copyright laws are in place to protect Charles Schulz and the work that is rightfully his.

Take his artwork, even for something as "harmless" as a homepage, and you are stealing from the man who created Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang. It's that simple.

If you still don't get it, or simply are curious about the intricacies of copyright law, please visit Brad Templeton's website at this address, w here you'll find his words of wisdom on "Ten Big Myths About Copyright Explained":

He goes through it all simply, with specific references to Internet use. When you've finished reading it, you'll understand why we posted a link to his site, rather than reprinting the article itself.

And mature. We at like to think we're nice, pleasant, sensitive folks...and part of that sensitivity concerns our understanding and appreciation of Charles Schulz's wishes, and the best way to protect his property.

So please...don't ask us for art.

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