Beethoven's Rhapsodies

Beethoven's Rhapsodies: The Music (and Musicians) of Peanuts

This page is devoted to Vince Guaraldi, the musical genius who put the jazz in Charlie Brown's step, and a few of the other talents who have done their best to follow in Guaraldi's footsteps. If you're curious about "Linus and Lucy" and all those other great Peanuts musical compositions, this is the place to be!

How does he play such intricate music, when the black keys are just painted on?

Vince Guaraldi

Want to learn more about the jazz composer who brought so much brightness and cheer to the Peanuts universe? Here's a brief biographical sketch and discography, along with some other tidbits about the man dubbed "Dr. Funk."

David Benoit and the "Peanuts sound"

Speaking of special people, David Benoit has become quite a jazz ambassador for the world of Peanuts. Check out his latest activities here.

George Winston and his Peanuts connection

Windham Hill pianist George Winston also does his part to keep the Peanuts musical torch alight. Check out his activities here.

"Joe Cool" Lyrics

Next to the WWI Flying Ace, Joe Cool is Snoopy's most famous alter-ego. It could, in fact, be argued that Joe Cool is even better known...because he's got his own song! Here are the complete lyrics.

Peanuts Sheet Music

We get a lot of requests from music-loving fans who wish to find sheet music for the wonderful themes used in all the Peanuts television specials and feature films. As such folks have noticed, the music is pretty hard to track down. Check this article for the full scoop on what can be found.

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