Just for Fun

Just for Fun

This is our catch-all section: amusing tidbits, links to fan sites and cute YouTube videos, and the ever-expanding Peanuts Tattoo Page.

Zero-G Znoopy!

Snoopy recently took a flight with astronauts-in-training in the infamous "Zero-G" plane, and the often hilarious results have been posted on YouTube. Check out what a giant weightless beagle looks like!

Japanese "Hot Pepper" ad

These commercial spots are a hoot: three consecutive ads for the same product, with slight variations. (The second one is the best!)

Check it out here.

Badoit Seltzer TV spots

Have you seen these European TV ads for Badoit Seltzer? If not, you've a treat in store ... they're to die for!

Here's the first one.

Here's the second one.

Some quick (and fun!) links:

Bill Melendez Productions ... with some Peanuts TV commercials!

A Delphi chat forum/message board devoted to our favorite subject ... take a look!

A great article on the Charles Schulz Museum, from AAA Magazine

A BBC News article on the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Did you know...

...that Needles, California -- where Snoopy's brother, Spike, hangs his hat on the nearest cactus -- has two roads dubbed Spike's Road and Schulz Road, and that they intersect each other?

At the corner of Spike and Schulz...

Quite an intersection!

As you can see on this Mapquest close-up, East Spike's Road cuts off from Highway 95, which runs north/south and catches Interstate 40 in Needles. Head west and then southwest on East Spike's Road, and you'll reach Schulz Road; head west on that for a bit, and you'll come to West Spike's Road.

Needles itself, right on the California side of the border with Arizona, is midway along Interstate 40 between Barstow, California (roughly 140 miles to the west), and Flagstaff, Arizoa (roughly 200 miles east, although I-40 takes a northward jog along that route). Wave a cheery hello to Spike, when you see him ... and tell him we sent you!

Do you tattoo?

We almost hesitated to get this started years back, because we had no idea where it would lead. We received a charming note from somebody who wanted to share a Peanuts tattoo, so we started a page to see what sort of response this generated. Who knows? And now we have a very impressive
tattoo gallery.

Caren's Peanuts Pages

Caren's site is simply stunning; there's no other word for it. She's a Web designer, and it shows; the site is beautifully put together, for starters, and the wealth of photos that show off her collection ... just staggering. The images are divided into many categories and sub-categories, and each photo can be enlarged for better viewing. Although primarily a Web "display" of her collection, the site also has a section of items for sale, along with sections devoted to the Peanuts gang, accompanied by informative descriptions, and interesting links elsewhere. You'll want to bookmark this one!

Phil's Snoopy PVC Page

Everybody always has lots of questions about PVCs -- which ones are new this year, which ones belong to which set -- and Phil has set up a fabulous site, with pictures, to handle all such burning issues. Check it out!

Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc.

As you might expect, this is a site devoted to the wonderful machine t hat Snoopy has made such a household name.

Linus and his pals

Oscar (oops...we mean Linus!) put a lot of work into these pages, which include a nice tribute to Charles Schulz, some quizzes, character profiles, and plenty of other goodies. And he's a very nice fellow; so tell him you dropped by!

Timothy Chow's Quiz Site

For quite awhile now, Tim Chow has been taxing our little gray cells with deliciously devious quizzes related to Charlie Brown and the gang. If you've missed some or would like to re-visit others, this is the place to go! (And, while you're at it, check out the rest of Tim's site...he's got good taste!)

Peanuts Vanity Plates

True Peanuts fans do everything within their power to showcase their love of Charlie Brown and the gang. Some folks even purchase vanity license plates! This site displays the plates which have come to our attention.

ANT's Peanuts Home Page

Dr. Anthony Shuker is doing his part to keep us informed about Peanuts events in the United Kingdom. Aside from details about product releases and a good timeline of events that took place during Beaglefest V in July 1997, he has an impressive search-engine that allows browsers to learn all sorts of things about his own personal collection.

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