Shop Till You Drop

Shop Till You Drop

While we like to think of ourselves as "Peanuts purists" who derive most of our joy from studying Charles M. Schulz's 17,897 newspaper strips, we cannot deny an occasional desire to acquire more Peanuts stuff. If you'd like to know where to buy some of the items you may have read about elsewhere on this site, or if you simply want some tips on where to find some cool merchandise, check out all the folks below.

The shop we all love!

Snoopy's Gift Shop & Gallery

Snoopy's Gift Shop and Gallery

The premiere stop for journeying Peanuts fans, this superb gift shop is located in Santa Rosa, California. All sorts of goodies can be found on the first floor, and the second floor is devoted to a museum-like display of original art, magazine covers, awards, and other items Schulz has gathered over the years. This web site includes the shop phone number and daily hours, along with a map on how to reach it. There's also a link to the Redwood Empire Ice-Skating Arena, home of the annual Snoopy-On-Ice Christmas Show!

The Snoopy Store

The Web set site has a whole new look ... and it's really cool! The site has been completely reconfigured, with plenty of old-style Peanuts artwork, and lots of new merchandise. Browse on over and take a look!
If you'd rather do it the old-fashioned way, call them at (877) 809-1659.

Look at all these goodies!

The Charles M. Schulz Museum Store

Although nowhere near as large as Snoopy's Gift Shop and Gallery, the Charles M. Schulz Museum gift shop packs a lot of stuff into its small space. Better still, these are items you won't find anyplace else, all "branded" with the Museum name, logo or exhibits. The Museum gift shop sells shirts, plush Snoopys, pens, note pads, books, exhibit catalogues and all sorts of wonderful goodies.
Take a look and see for yourself!

The Charles M. Schulz Airport store

The Charles M. Schulz Airport

The Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport "store" -- actually just a display cabinet in one of the offices, for those who visit in person -- now has a Web presence. You'll find unique items here, all branded with the airport logo shown above: mugs, clothing items and other cool goodies. Click on the "Snoopy Store" button to do your shopping.


Hallmark's Homepage

Hallmark has maintained a friendly relationship with Charlie Brown and the gang for many, many years. This site changes with the seasons, so be sure to check in periodically!

EBAY action

Ebay, the Internet auction site, is always filled with goodies. Click here to visit one of the Web's best spots for Peanuts wheelin' and dealin'. Be advised, though: Ebay takes its auction process very seriously; do not bid on items unless you genuinely intend to purchase them!

Lenox Christmas Figures

Lenox keeps bringing out new ornaments, and this one -- Snoopy's Christmas Spirit -- is one of the newest: just 29.90 plus shipping and (if applicable) tax. It and quite a lot of other Lenox goodies can be ordered now, so don't delay!
Visit here and do a search on SNOOPY to order them online.

Snoopy's Christmas Spirit

Wicked Cool Stuff

Wicked Cool Stuff

This Web-based "premier pop culture superstore" has an impressive Peanuts section, subdivided into various categories. Some of the items look like remnants, but you'll still likely find lots of goodies you haven't seen elsewhere! is a massive new online store selling Peanuts Collectibles, which range in quality from vintage and new to lightly used. Everything they sell is clean and well-cared for. This store has literally hundreds of different collectibles in stock. And if you don't see it, just contact owner Gretchen Miller, and she'll see if she has it in her inventory. If not, she'll look for it online for you. Because you can buy both old and new items in one place, hopes to become known as "Your One Stop Snoopy Shop."

Jigsaw Jungle

Here's a Quebec company that specializes in jigsaw puzzles and has more than one thousand different designs on hand at all times.

Jigsaw Jungle



Most fans don't need to be told about this cable shopping channel, which has been known to devote an entire chunk of time to Peanuts-related goodies. If you'd like to see what they have on hand at the moment, type PEANUTS or SNOOPY in the "Quick search" box.

M&E Gizmos

M&E Gizmos

Described by site-master Molly Lambert as "packrat heaven," these attractive pages offer a peek into their very impressive collection of "neat stuff." Follow the alphabetical list to Peanuts, and you'll find a lengthy list of items for sale.

Animazing Gallery

New York's Animazing Gallery has some pretty spiffy items for sale, including some wonderful pencil sketches by Charles Schulz, of his famous characters. You'll also find some animation production cels and sericels. Whether you're a serious collector or simply looking, this is a fun stop!

Animazing Gallery

Joe Collector

Carla and Steve Olson run a massive Peanuts Internet business, and their Web site is both user-friendly and filled with all sorts of wonderful pictures. Tell 'em we said hello!

Ann's Gift Shop

Ann's Gift Shop features a wide variety of Peanuts collectibles from Hallmark Peanuts Gallery, Westland, Flambro and Applause. Use the simple, easy-to-navigate shopping cart system for online purchases. Orders are accepted from anywhere in the world.

There's more!

The MetLife Home Page

Long associated with the Peanuts gang, Metropolitan Insurance now has its own website...and it's well-populated by Charlie Brown and his friends! Whether touring the MetLife Art Gallery, or the "Life Advice Home Page," you'll be guided by Snoopy, Lucy, and the rest of the gang. (And you can also find your closest MetLife representative!)

Snoop To Nuts

Snoop To Nuts

Merchandise mogul Sandy has put together an impressive on-line shopping site, devoted exclusively to Peanuts goodies! Shop here for toys & plush, games, watches, jewelry, bags & accessories, housewares, books & music, stationery, desktop art, and (no doubt) much, much soon as Sandy can post additional information!

Knott's Berry Farm

This site has a section devoted to Camp Snoopy, its "Amusement Park Within an Amusement Park." Check out the pictures, and you'll be making reservations tomorrow!

Knott's Berry Farm

Wow! What an on-line bookstore!
Perform a search on CHARLES SCHULZ (be sure to spell it correctly!), and you'll get a list with well over one hundred titles! Many of these books are out of print, and many are foreign-language editions. The prices are fair, and it's not difficult to set up an account. If you're trying to fill some gaps in your collection, this is the place to start!

The Wonderful World of Animation

The Wonderful World of Animation

Debbie Weiss runs a nifty gallery stocked with animated cels for purchase, and of course she has a few of our favorite beagle. Just click on "Peanuts Art," and you'll find all sorts of goodies!

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