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By Derrick Bang

Site co-author Derrick Bang has become something of a cottage industry in the Peanuts publishing world: two books of his own; one co-authored with Peanuts Collector Club founder Andrea Podley; one co-authored with famed Peanuts "ghost" Jim Sasseville; and one co-authored with longtime Peanuts licensee Don Fraser. Check 'em out at the links below!

50 Years of Happiness: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz

Peanuts Collectibles: Identification & Value Guide (assisting Andrea Podley)

Charles M. Schulz: Li'l Beginnings

It's Only a Game (with Jim Sasseville)

Security Blankets (with Don Fraser)

Vince Guaraldi at the Piano

And, at the risk of blowing his own horn too much, Derrick also had the opportunity to participate in the new featurette -- "Woodstock: Creating Snoopy's Sidekick" -- when the material was assembled for the DVD set Peanuts 1970s Collection Volume 1. Yep, Derrick is one of the "talking heads" in that show, and he got to tell his parents that he became a DVD extra!

The featurette has been excerpted on the Snoopy YouTube Channel. Check it out here.

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