Charlie Brown's
Baseball Team

by Derrick Bang

Questions relating to who plays which position on Charlie Brown's baseball team are fascinating, if only because the information has changed over the years.

Back in the strip's early days, the characters didn't really have "set" positions; it was not at all unusual to find Charlie Brown in the outfield, or acting as catcher (with Shermy as pitcher). We never saw the kids playing other teams; they just split up and played a game among themselves.

This changed in the late 1950s and early 60s, once a more-or-less-official roster was established. Certain characters became pretty firmly established in specific positions, such as Charlie Brown's ongoing duties on the pitcher's mound. But occasional changes still crept in; Linus has pitched a few times (generally winning the game in the process), and even Lucy tried her hand at it...once. When Peppermint Patty first visited the neighborhood and tried to "help" Chuck's team, she pitched and bumped him into Left Field. Other infrequent changes have found Linus in the outfield (prior to his established position at Second Base), and Lucy at Shortstop.

Occasional Sunday strips were good for "establishing shots" of the entire team, albeit usually crowded around the pitcher's mound. Early on, this seems to have been the team roster in most cases:

Pig-Pen stepped in for Frieda on occasion, and "5" replaced either Frieda or Linus (!).

With the more-or-less disappearance of Shermy, Violet, Patty, and Frieda, it would seem difficult for Charlie Brown to field an entire team...which may explain why we currently tend to see only Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, and Schroeder.

(It has been established that Peppermint Patty and Franklin have their own teams, although we've also been told that Franklin has played Center on her team...which, by the way, is called the Pelicans.)

Allowing for occasional changes, the "official" roster of the team is as follows:

Actually, the fielders change constantly. Lucy can be found at either Right or Center, with the other positions made up by Frieda, Patty, and Violet.

After Eudora's debut in 1978, she occasionally turned up in Center Field, next to Lucy (playing Right Field).

Other things have briefly changed over the years, such as Snoopy's rather forceful attempt to replace Charlie Brown as manager.

Perhaps more important than the issue of who plays which position, Charles Schulz has employed baseball as one of his strip's enduring ties to a kinder and gentler time, when small American towns fell out in great numbers each summer, to watch parents and children attempt to "knock one outta the park."

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