Character Debuts

compiled by Derrick Bang

Charlie Brown, Shermy, and Patty debuted in the very first strip, on October 2, 1950. Snoopy followed two days later, on October 4.

From there, things get a little tough.

Because the strips are not dated in the reprint books, it's not at all easy to determine the exact date of, say, Lucy's first appearance. And since not all strips have been reprinted, the important ones in question may not even be in any books thus far released. By way of example, Linus, Lucy, and Pig-Pen all debuted in strips which haven't been published since their first newspaper appearance.

A daunting challenge, to be sure...but not impossible.

What follows is a list of every major and minor named character, along with the date s/he first appeared. It's important to distinguish between named and anonymous kids, because quite a few of the latter have appeared during summer camp sequences, school sequences, and assorted baseball or football games...not to mention the many poor souls who've answered their front door and found Linus bringing word of the Great Pumpkin.

(A few of these anonymous folks deserve mention, though, so you'll find some individuals of interest after the primary list of named characters.)

A few final points, before beginning...

It's occasionally necessary to distinguish between a character's first mention, and actual debut. (Sally is a good example of this.) And, to make your research easier than mine was, I've included the titles of the reprint books where each strip first appeared. Since the older strips have been gathered and re-gathered over the years, you may want to check one of the reprint book-lists (under OTHER WWW PEANUTS LINKS) to find newer collections with the same contents. Some debut strips also are displayed in the Character Profiles section of United Media's website; they are noted accordingly.


Charlie Brown -- 10/2/50

Peanuts Jubilee and United Media's website

Patty -- 10/2/50

Peanuts Jubilee and United Media's website

Shermy -- 10/2/50

Peanuts Jubilee and United Media's website

Snoopy -- 10/4/50

Peanuts Jubilee and United Media's website

Violet -- 2/7/51


Schroeder -- 5/30/51


Lucy -- 3/3/52

Never reprinted, although it does appear at United Media's website

Linus -- 9/19/52 (but not named until 9/22/52)

Neither has been reprinted, although the first appears at United Media's website

Pig-Pen -- 7/13/54

Never reprinted, although it does appear at United Media's website

Charlotte Braun -- 11/30/54 (The great "lost" character, whose booming voice quickly became Lucy's primary characteristic)
Never reprinted

Sally -- 8/23/59 (first mentioned 5/25/59, and named 6/2/59)

All three reprinted in Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown

Frieda -- 3/6/61

It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown

Faron -- 5/23/61 (Frieda's cat)

It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown

The Little Red-Haired Girl -- 11/19/61 (First mentioned in this Sunday strip, and soon to become famous ... but never shown, except in silhouette, on 5/25/98)

We're Right Behind You, Charlie Brown

"5" -- 9/30/63

As You Like It, Charlie Brown

"3" and "4" -- 10/17/63 (5's younger twin sisters)

Never reprinted

Roy -- 6/11/65

You Need Help, Charlie Brown

Peppermint Patty -- 8/22/66 (actual name Patricia Reichardt)

The Unsinkable Charlie Brown and United Media's website

Jose Peterson -- 3/20/67 (Star player on Peppermint Patty's baseball team)

You're Something Else, Charlie Brown

Woodstock -- 4/4/67 (Birds appeared in the strip for years, but this date marks the first bird with a pretty strong resemblance to Woodstock. He was not named until 6/22/70)

The first in You're Something Else, Charlie Brown; his naming in You've Come a Long Way, Charlie Brown

Marcie -- 6/18/68 (possibly as Clara; as Marcie 10/11/71)

The first in You're You, Charlie Brown and United Media's website; her proper naming in Ha Ha Herman, Charlie Brown

Sophie and Shirley -- 6/18/68 (Clara/Marcie's camp friends)

You're You, Charlie Brown and at United Media's website

Franklin -- 7/31/68

Never reprinted, although it does appear at United Media's website

Lila -- 8/24/68 (Snoopy's original owner, who is mentioned by name much earlier)

The Snoopy Festival

Thibault -- 6/5/70 (a bully on Peppermint Patty's baseball team)

You've Come a Long Way, Charlie Brown

Poochie -- 1/7/73 (A girl who played with Snoopy as a pup, and was the first to call Charlie Brown by his full name)

Thompson is in Trouble, Charlie Brown

Rerun -- 3/26/73 (first mentioned 5/23/72, and named 5/31/72)

Debut in You're the Guest of Honor, Charlie Brown; first mention in The Snoopy Festival; naming in Thompson is in Trouble, Charlie Brown

Loretta -- 5/22/74 (Seller of Girl Scout cookies)

Speak Softly and Carry a Beagle

The Beagle Scouts -- 6/9/74

Speak Softly and Carry a Beagle
They remained anonymous until 3/27/78 (And a Woodstock in a Birch Tree), at which point they were named Conrad, Olivier, Bill, and -- of course -- Woodstock. Harriet joined 5/12/80 (Dr. Beagle & Mr. Hyde). Wilson was mentioned 12/2/84, but only in the first panel of a Sunday strip, which is omitted from the American book in which it is reprinted, but can be seen in the 1987 British Ravette title, Snoopy Roundup. The group became racially diverse with the arrival of Raymond on 10/13/88 (Could You Be More Pacific?), and Fred was introduced 4/2/90 (Make Way for the King of the Jungle). Most recently, Roy joined the group 4/18/98.

The School Building -- 8/31/74 (The date it first manifested thought-balloons)

Speak Softly and Carry a Beagle

Truffles -- 3/31/75 (One of Linus' quasi-sweethearts)

Don't Hassle Me with Your Sighs, Chuck

Spike -- 8/13/75 (but first mentioned 8/4/75)

Both in Don't Hassle Me with Your Sighs, Chuck

Belle -- 6/28/76 (but first mentioned 6/22/76)

Both in Summers Fly, Winters Walk

Belle's unnamed teenaged son (!) -- 6/29/76

Summers Fly, Winters Walk

Floyd -- 7/26/76 (Camp kid with a crush on Marcie)

Summers Fly, Winters Walk

Ruby, Austin, Leland, and Milo -- 3/11/77 (A very diminutive baseball team)

The Beagle Has Landed

Molly Volley -- 5/6/77

The Beagle Has Landed

Eudora -- 6/13/78

And a Woodstock in a Birch Tree

Crybaby Boobie -- 7/5/78 (One of Snoopy's tennis opponents)

And a Woodstock in a Birch Tree

Joe Richkid (and his caddy) -- 6/22/81 (Plays a golf tourny against Peppermint Patty)

You're Weird, Sir

"Bad Call" Benny -- 4/16/82 (Another of Snoopy's tennis opponents)

Kiss Her, You Blockhead

Marbles -- 9/28/82 (but first mentioned 9/24/82)

Both in Kiss Her, You Blockhead

Harold Angel -- 12/24/83 (A brief appearance, mainly to punctuate one of Sally's malapropisms)

I'm Not Your Sweet Babboo

Lydia -- 6/9/86 (Linus has a serious crush on this girl, who has perversely called herself many other names: Rachel, Rebecca, Jezebel, Susan, Sarah, Samantha, Anna, Ophelia, Polly, and -- last but certainly not least -- Snowflake)

By Supper Possessed

Maynard -- 7/21/86 (Peppermint Patty's school tutor)

Talk Is Cheep, Charlie Brown

Tapioca Pudding -- 9/4/86 (Her father is determined to license everything about her, on lunch boxes, etc. Definitely an inside joke concerning comic strips which exist solely to sell merchandise.)

Talk Is Cheep, Charlie Brown

Olaf -- 1/24/89 (but first mentioned 1/16/89)

Both in Being a Dog is a Full-Time Job

Snoopy's father -- 6/18/89 (He refers to eight offspring, so who knows what the future holds in store?)

Being a Dog is a Full-Time Job

Peggy Jean -- 7/23/90 (Charlie Brown's summer camp sweetheart, who calls him "Brownie Charles")

Not yet reprinted

Larry -- 5/28/91 (The minister's son, who Sally kicked out of her Bible class)

Not yet reprinted

Cormac -- 7/17/92 (Charlie Brown's short and rather klutzy summer camp friend)

Not yet reprinted

Royanne -- 4/1/93 (Roy Hobbs' great-granddaughter)

Not yet reprinted

Ethan -- 7/14/93 (Summer camp kid)

Around the World in 45 Years

Woodstock's grandfather -- 1/6/94 (brought to life via a diary)

Around the World in 45 Years

Andy -- 2/14/94 (but not named until 2/19/94)

Both in Around the World in 45 Years

Emily -- 2/11/95 (Charlie Brown's occasional dance partner)

Not yet reprinted

Joe Agate -- 4/7/95 (Game hustler who took all of Rerun's marbles, until unexpected hero Charlie Brown won them back)

Not yet reprinted

Snoopy's mother -- 7/26/96

The World According to Lucy

Justin -- 11/3/96 (a boy in Peppermint Patty’s class)

The World According to Lucy

The Little Red-Haired Girl (!) -- 5/25/98 (well...sort of, anyway...she appears in silhouette)

It's a Dog's Life, Snoopy

Naomi -- 10/1/98 (a girl who "rescued" Spike after he was "snatched" into an animal clinic and cured of "everything")

It's a Dog's Life, Snoopy

"Joe Cactus" -- 12/8/98 (Spike’s name for his favorite cactus, when it comes time to write some Christmas cards ... something of a stretch, I admit, but I did cite the school building above, and this doesn't seem any less reasonable!)

It's a Dog's Life, Snoopy

Turning now to cameo appearances, the following anonymous kids are noteworthy for the reasons given:

Miscellaneous kids in a sandbox -- 7/5/53 (First appearance of any unnamed kids)

An unknown girl -- 11/12/70 (She tries to dog-nap Snoopy)

An oddball kid from summer camp -- 7/21/71 (We never see his face, but he repeatedly tells Charlie Brown to "Shut up and leave me alone!")

A bully -- 7/10/75 (He tries to take Charlie Brown's autographed Joe Shlabotnik baseball)

A golf caddymaster -- 6/17/77 (Peppermint Patty and Marcie work for him...once)

A neighborhood boy -- 12/19/86 (A tree in his front yard falls down, and Sally takes it home and makes it her Christmas tree)

A neighborhood boy -- 12/1/88 (He wants to play Geronimo in Sally's Christmas play)

A neighborhood girl -- 7/28/89 (She inexplicably thinks Snoopy is Charlie Brown)

The "cute little girl" who sits next to Rerun in kindergarten -- 9/11/96 (Although she appeared fairly frequently, she never was given a name)

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