Peanuts Collectibles

Peanuts Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide

More than 2,500 entries!

Approximately 1,200 pictures!

The Peanuts Collectibles Identification & Values Guide is written by Peanuts Collector Club founder Andrea Podley, with input from and editing by Derrick Bang.

Although the book is designed as a price guide -- thus answering the ubiquitous "How much is this item worth?" and "When was this item made?" questions -- it also discusses how collectibles should be graded (i.e. condition), the difference between copyright dates and date of manufacture, how to organize your collection and where new and used items can be purchased (with addresses and phone numbers of trusted vendors), and even how collections should be inventoried.

Here's the table of contents:

Some sample pages (click on each image to enlarge):

page 27 page 61 page 69 page 249


Although out of print and no longer available at your local book store, orders for the Price Guide can be placed directly with the author:

On a full-sized, 8-1/2-by-11 sheet of paper, PRINT your name, address and country (include city, state, country and Zip or country code). Tell us, also, how many books you wish to order.

The books are $24.95 each.

California residents must include sales tax.

Shipping charges are as follows (per book):

U.S. book rate -- $5
Canada -- $10 air mail
Overseas -- $30 air mail

The amount enclosed must be in U.S. funds. Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards. Overseas orders should e-mail us first.


Make the check payable to Derrick Bang, and mail it and your order form (that's the piece of paper with your name 'n' stuff on it) to:

Derrick Bang
4350 Cowell Blvd.
California 95618 USA

Thank you...and beagle hugs!

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