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Stan Pawlowski:
The Peanuts Connection

The cheerful fellow above is Stan Pawlowski, posed with his massive Charlie Brown and Snoopy statue. This pinkish clay version was sent to a Southern California foundry, where it was cast in bronze for a quarter-million-dollar sculpture that found a permanent home in Santa Rosa's Depot Park in Railroad Square. The official unveiling, which took place promptly at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 3, was a lovely affair. Here's what the local press said:

Hundreds gather for "Peanuts" sculpture unveiling

March 3, 2001

By Miriam Silver
The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Surrounded by hundreds of fans, some from as far away as Paris and Osaka, the bronze "Peanuts" sculpture honoring Charles Schulz was unveiled in Railroad Square Saturday morning, a simply smiling Charlie Brown, with his arm on the back of his beloved beagle dog Snoopy.

"I am hoping you and many generations will look at this statue and smile, because that's what it's all about," Santa Rosa council member Janet Condron said.

The sculpture, a $270,00 project commissioned by the City of Santa Rosa, the Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma County and the Sonoma County Community Foundation, is a four-feet-high replica of the famous cartoon characters drawn by Schulz for 50 years until his retirement and death more than a year ago. They stand on top of stone, and are surrounded by an octagonal fence, with eight bronze discs depicting other scenes and characters from the strip.

The world-famous Santa Rosa cartoonist known as "Sparky" had declined to have a public sculpture done of him, but approved of one of Peanuts gang.

"Sparky wanted people to feel happy, and I think everyone who will see the sculpture will feel happy," said his widow, Jean Schulz.

The sculpture was created by Stan Pawlowski, a Long Beach artist who became friends with Schulz after being licensed nearly a decade ago to make some of the Peanuts characters.

What is Stan up to these days?

He has just completed sculpting a whole new series of exquisitely finished Snoopy bronze sculptures.

Sculpting for this limited-edition series started back in August 2002, although concept poses were chosen — and research begun — long before then. The poses are The Patriot, The Astronaut, The Flying Ace, The Magician (with Woodstock) and The Scuba Diver. These images are approximately three times larger than the Snoopy "Retired" bronze sculpture.

Stan sculpts unusual poses and details them incredibly from every little part and the screws on The Patriot’s rifle; to the starfish and seashells on The Scuba Diver, which convey the impression that Snoopy actually is floating underwater; to the propeller on The Flying Ace; to the details of the patches on The Astronaut.

The Astronaut: two poses The Diver: close-up

These poses will not be available all at once, unless you make arrangements with Ski Sculptures Studio to purchase a matched number set. To maintain the quality that Stan requires for all his sculptures, it may take up to a couple years or more to manufacture and release all these poses, one at a time. They’ll all be available individually or as sets that can be purchased directly from Ski Sculptures at 3028 East Broadway Long Beach, California 90803-5814; (562) 433-9999 or

Another piece that Stan is particularly proud of is what he calls the "Retired" sculpture, a limited edition bronze piece he created for Schulz when the cartoonist announced he was retiring the long-running, 50-year-old comic strip.

In the 25-pound, 7-inch-high sculpture, Snoopy is resting comfortably in an overstuffed chair, his feet up on an ottoman.

It is signed by Schulz and carries a certificate signed by Stan in which he writes "Thank you, Sparky, for bringing so much joy to the world and for being a dear friend."

Over the years of their friendship, Stan made special, small sculptures for Schulz. He sent him a prototype of the "Retired" sculpture just before Schulz died, and it was the last of Pawlowski's work the cartoonist saw.

Want to see and learn more about the "Retired" piece? Take a look here!

The Sparky Award

Stan also designed and is the creator of the Charles M. Schulz Award bronze sculpture that is presented each year to winners of the "Sparky" award, first bestowed to three individuals in February 1998. The Charles M. Schulz award honors excellence in the field of cartooning and animation. (Naturally, Charles Schulz was one of those first recipients!) Other honored recipients include Chuck Jones, John Lasseter, Sergio Aragones, Dale Messick, Gus Arriolo, Morrie Turner, Stan Lee, Ward Kimball and Carl Barks, all for their lifetime achievements in this fine art. While it's unlikely that any of us will get within miles of one of these puppies, we thought you might enjoy seeing what it looks like! Click on the thumbnail photo to see it full-size.

Stan Pawlowski's connection with Peanuts extends beyond his devotion to Charles Schulz's work; he's also a great friend to the Peanuts Collector Club. He attended and gave presentations at Beaglefest V and VI; at the former, in 1997, he displayed a set of sculptures cast in bronze which he designed and sculpted. They were manufactured overseas by another licensee. For Beaglefest IV and V, Stan designed a limited edition medallion for PCC committee members; these little treasures reflected the same attention to detail and perfection that Stan strives for when depicting any of the Peanuts characters.

Fine art lovers were thrilled by his five new limited-edition Sterling silver Snoopy sculptures, when the prototypes first were introduced. They're titled Flying Ace, Surfing, Fishing, Diving and Resting. Each sculpture has a round, beautifully etched glass scene, creating a background that further enhances these designs.

Stan designed and sculpted them, and also cast and made every single one of these special silver sculptures at his studio in Long Beach, California (a feat he says he'll never again have the time for, nor be able to endure!).

The actual size of the sculptures is approximately 3 to 3-1/2 inches high.

Each sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity and an exquisitely etched glass scene, which mounted in a lacquered hardwood base, creating a scenic background that complements each statue. The sculptures are nested into gift boxes with die-cut neoprene sponge foam, and the glass backgrounds are set into the bottom with equal care. The gift boxes themselves are a work of art: an endless array of five small Snoopy figures (matching the five sculpture designs) on a bright red background.

Anyone interested in the Peanuts sculptures should write: SKI SCULPTURES, 3028 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803. (562) 433-9999. E-mail

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